Mr. and Mrs. Mark Gabrielian Donate $1.5 Million-plus to University of Rochester

ROCHESTER – Ani and Mark Gabrielian have established a multidisciplinary professorship to better understand the most vital political and economic issues of our era. The Gabrielians also have permanently endowed an innovation grant for outstanding incoming undergraduates.

The Gabrielians have pledged $1.5 million for the professorship and an additional $60,000 to endow the annual Mesrob Mashtots Innovation Grant, which was created by the Gabrielians in 2010.

“I am deeply grateful to Ani and Mark Gabrielian for their commitment to our faculty and students,” says University President Joel Seligman.

The Ani and Mark Gabrielian Professorship may combine the fields of business, political science, international relations, history, or other University disciplines, and will be focused on the political, economic, global, and historic problems of our time.

“We believe the challenges facing society now and in the future will increasingly require analytical and problem solving approaches that transcend individual disciplines,” says Ani Gabrielian.

Even as University of Rochester undergraduates, the Gabrielians were drawn to multiple disciplines. Mark Gabrielian majored in both political science and history, graduating in 1979. Five years later, Ani Gabrielian, the Ani Nazerian, received the bachelor’s degree, also as a double major in political science and economics.

After completing professional degrees, his in law from the University of California at Davis, hers in business administration from George Washington University in Washington, D.C., the two worked, and met, in the nation’s capital. Mark was first in private practice and then represented the federal government as a litigator and work-out specialist in connection with the savings and loan crisis, while Ani became a commercial and investment banker and a financial analyst with the Office of Thrift Supervision. Today, they work together in their New Jersey based real estate development and management company, Gabrielian and associates.

“We believe in the concept of endowment,” adds Mark Gabrielian. “The beauty of an endowment is that it lasts in perpetuity and will grow over time. This is a gift based on belief on the future.”

Mesrob Mashtots Grant

The grant is named after the Armenian scholar, Mesrob Mashtots, who invented the Armenian alphabet and authored numerous Armenian hymns and prayers. The award has been given each year to three promising high school seniors planning to enroll at Rochester. It can be used to fund a summer internship, research job, service-learning project, or other educational experience during the recipient’s undergraduate years.

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