2.5% Inflation Recorded in Armenia’s Market Dec. 2011

YEREVAN — 2.5% inflation rate was recorded in Armenia’s consumer market in December compared to November 2011.

During the reported period, prices for foodstuff (including alcohol and cigarettes), non-foods totaled 4.4% and 0.5% respectively, with 0.1% increase in tariffs for services.

In January-December 2011, the index of consumer prices totaled 107.7% compared to the same period 2010, including the index of prices for foodstuff-111.2%, National Statistical Service reported.

Consumer prices increased by 9% in December 2011 compared to same period 2010.

The price upsurge is basically conditioned by 12.8% and 5.2% growth in prices for foodstuff (including alcohol and cigarettes) and non-foods respectively. 4.4% growth was also observed in tariffs for services during the reporting period.

Consumer prices increased by 1.6-3.4% in December compared to November 2011 in all Armenian cities under study, while the highest index was registered in Gyumri.

2.5% growth was recorded in consumer prices in Yerevan.

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