Why Armenian-Turkish Protocols Are Not on the Agenda? Clinton Asks

During her visit to Ankara, US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, held a meeting with Kemal Kilicdaroglu, Chairman if the opposition Republican People’s Party (RPP).

The Hurriyet daily reports that among the issues on the meeting agenda was also the establishment of Armenian-Turkish relations.

The US Secretary of State accused the Turkish Opposition of impending Armenian-Turkish reconciliation, which proved a surprise for the RPP leader. Clinton stated that during her meetings with Turkish government officials she asked them about the reasons why the Armenian-Turkish protocols are not put on the Parliament’s agenda. Their answer was the RPP objects to the protocols. This is the reason why the documents are not submitted to Parliament for ratification.

In his turn, the RPP chairman expressed his surprise at Mrs. Clinton Statement. He said that the ruling party Justice and Development, which is led by Turkish Premier Recep Tayyip Erdogan, constitutes parliamentary majority and, if it wishes, it can submit the protocols to Parliament for ratification. “However, the Government does not provide us with any information on the topic. We even knew about the contents of the protocols from the press. Not only in the case of the Armenian-Turkish protocols, but also in many foreign and domestic policy issues the authorities prefer not providing information,” Kilicdaroglu saod.

Turkish mass media report that the US Secretary of State also held a meeting with representatives of the Kurdish Peace and Democratic Party (PDP). The Nationalist Movement Party refused to meet with the US Secretary of State.

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