Georgian Parliament Amended Law to Detriment of Armenian Church

TBLISI — Georgian Parliament on Tuesday session amended the Civil Code that partially eliminates the legal status, which had been previously granted to some religious communities including the Armenian Apostolic Church.

According to new amendments, religious communities have to register as religious organizations, but the rest of the licenses were cancelled, founder of Armenian Assembly of Tblisi Arnold Stepanyan told the Armenian Stepanyan said that this consensus lessened inner political tension between Georgian Orthodox Church to the detriment of Armenian Apostolic Church. Previously it inspired hope to claim for taking back Armenian Churches, however the new law buried all hopes.

According to Armenian-Georgian representatives, increase of anti-Armenian disposition coincided with visits of Armenian Catholicos and Armenian Foreign Minister, however it is strange that only Armenians faced such complaint, as amendments in the law referred also to Catholic, Baptist Churches, Jewish and Muslim communities.

Earlier informed that Georgian Parliament made amendments in the Civil Code on July 5th and granted legal status to Armenian Apostolic and other churches. Georgian Patriarch Ilya II was against the decision.

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