Pashinyan: Turkish Government’s Pre-Conditions Block Dialogue Chances

The Turkish authorities’ position today on a possible reconciliation with Armenia has blocked all the chances for is to speak about re-establishing relations, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said in Tehran as he met with members of the local Armenian community. “Turkey repeatedly ties the bilateral relations with the Armenia-Karabakh [Artzakh] Azerbaijan triangle. With this being the case, we cannot possible have any grounds for optimisms – despite our statements that we are ready to unconditionally reconsidered the relations. Turkey today has a precondition dealing with Karabakh,” he said, stressing also the utmost importance of the Armenian Genocide recognition.

“The campaign against the crime of genocide is part of the global agenda. So we will continue pursuing the recognition of the Armenian Genocide,” the Prime Minsiter added.

Pashninyan left for Iran an a two-day official visit on Wednesday accompanied by a government delegation. Shortly after his arrival in Tehran, he met with President Hassan Rouhani for private talks, which were followed by an extended meeting bringing together government officials. The two state leaders also held a joint news conference to sum up the discussions.

At the meeting with Iranian-Armenians late on Wednesday, the premier was also asked about his informal talks with the Azerbaijani leader. “I have practically said all I had to say about the essence of those meetings – the arrangement is as follows: we must discuss the possibility of a peaceful settlement [of the Nagorno-Karabakh] conflict,” he added.

The unity of Armenians will increase two-fold and three-fold in case of threats to the second Armenian republic, the prime minister said.

“A primary task of our government is to increase Karabakh’s status as a subject of international law, hence it is important for us to meet with the President of Azerbaijan. And that, by the way, will be a meeting without a specific agenda which, however, will focus on the format as a key guideline. Unless we have an agreement over the format, the dialogue cannot be possibly considered part of the official negotiations. I speak on behalf of Armenia, because Artsakh has a government of its own. so the authorities of Artsakh have to speak on behalf of their country in the negotiation process. We must do all our best to raise Karabakh’s role as a subject [of international law],” Pashinyan added.

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