New Era in Armenian History

The new positive era in Armenian history as already started and it had to come.

Definitely the “Velvet Revolution” had to take place so that a dramatic change would take place in Armenia and for the Armenian people. The movement was so well organized and peaceful, that everyone in Armenia (except some of the oligarchs) was happy and participated in the revolutionary movement. It sure was a peaceful revolution and there were no injuries or fights during the activities of the velvet revolution.

In fact, many people were surprised that something like this has not happened in history and many newspapers had editorials praising the change indicating that to make peaceful changes in a country, people should take a lesson from Armenia.

Thanks to Nikol Pashinyan and his comrades, the changes are taking place and people are positive towards the future. Democracy started to function in Armenia as the recent elections indicated. Of course, there are no great changes in international relations as Armenia continues to belong to several European organizations and partnerships and is contributing to the general world peace and prosperity.

Many European organizations have congratulated Pashinyan’s efforts since they were very successful and would last. Armenia is a contributing member of EEU, WTO and others.

United States President Donald Trump congratulated Pashinyan and stated: “Together we can make progress on deepening trade between our countries, strengthening global security and combating corruption.”

Similarly another world leader, UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres said: “In line with your ambitious reform agenda, the UN expects to closely cooperate with you and your government…to strengthening of human rights and rule of law.”

Another interesting reality came about recently when 32 female lawmakers were elected to Armenia’s Parliament, an increase of 14 members. Females will comprise of 25% of members. In the Unites Sates Congress female lawmakers make up 20.6% out of 535 members.

Those who lost will never keep quiet and everyday a new embezzler’s name comes up. I hope it will continue as millions of dollars are being retrieved from thieves, many of them elected officials.

Some people are uneasy and expect positive changes and improvements to take place immediately. Of course, it doesn’t work that way. When some have been working in government for years, they are not going to change overnight.

A good example is the case of Berlin, Germany. It took 45 years to reunite East and West Berlin. Have this in mind why we cannot expect changes overnight.

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