An Armenian School to Open in Valance Thanks to Philanthropist Kevork Arabian of Lebanon

An Armenian Day School will start operating in Valance, France in 2020 since construction started in January of this year. Valance is the most Armenian of communities in France.

The Valance Armenian Cultural Center (CCAV) co-chair Andre Hatsbanian said the work will advance as planned and expressed his gratitude to the benefactors and donors.

The school is being constructed in the vicinity of the Armenian Apostolic Church of Valance. The construction will cost about 1,800,000 Euros (about 1.7 million).

The plan of establishing a school started when a Lebanese Armenian philanthropist Kevork Arabian donated about 40% of the total cost (700,000 euros) The school leaders and Archbishop Norvan Zakarian raised 1 million euros. and there is only 800,000 euros to collect. According to one of the committee members, “it wouldn’t be very hard to raise that amount because there is a lot of excitement in the community to establish an Armenian school.”

This will be the eighth Armenian school in France, the others being in Lyon, Marseille, Nice, and Paris.

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