Russian Slams Azerbaijan for Discriminating Against Armenians

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova slammed Azerbaijani authorities for discrimination against Russian citizens of Armenian origin in Azerbaijan. “I have seen a large number of such reports, including on social networks. The latest ones were reported during these past holidays, We have been raising this issue regularly before the Azerbaijani side, expressing our concern that such cases are becoming a bad tradition,” she said at the briefing. at the airport, then forcibly

According to Zakharova, at least 16 cases of refusing the entry of Russian citizens of Armenian origin to Azerbaijan were reported last year. She said Russian citizens of Armenia origin were detained for hours at the airport, then forcibly expelled from the country without mentioning officially the reason. “These facts, from our point of view, are a gross violation of the rights of Russian citizens,” said Zakharova.

She once again stressed that the Russian Foreign Ministry has repeatedly drawn the attention of the Azerbaijani side to the unacceptability of such a situation. “We demanded that this practice be stopped – both detentions and expulsions. It is incompatible with friendly relations between our countries. We have received assurances from the Azerbaijani leadership that the situation would be corrected. And we are very much looking forward to it,” Zakharova said.

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