$13.5 Million Misappropriated Returned to Government

Aren Mkrtchyan, assistant tot he Prime Minister of Armenia, has posted the following on Facebook.

“As I have already informed, in July I handed to the National Security Service data and documents based on which on August 6, the Investigative Department of National Security Service started an investigation of suspected misappropriation in the Ministry of Defense.

Large-scale and intensive investigative actions proved that large damage at was inflicted on the state by supplier organizations, of which $13.5 million or 84.65% has been returned as of December 24, and the remaining part is returned by supply of goods envisaged by contracts.

The investigations revealed that around 10 commercial organizations based in Armenia, signed contracts with the Ministry of Defense of Armenia in 2009-2017 and were to supply different goods and ammunition worth 10 million drams but the supplies were not made with significant breaches of contract terms, without plausible reasons, or goods with value or quality lower than defined by the contracts were supplied.

I am thankful to the NSS Investigative Department and the director of NSS Artur Vanetsyan, the staff of the Ministry of Defense and the acting minister Davit Tonoyan and everyone who helped such large volume of work to succeed. Fight on corruption continues.”

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