Hrant Dink Murder Case: Two Defendants Released in Reopened Hearing in Istanbul Court

The case which was re-opened regarding the murder of Hrant Dink, Editor-In-chief of Agos Newspaper, continued on December 21st at the Istanbul 14th Heavy Penal Court in the Chaglayan Courthouse.

The 87th hearing of the case, in which public officers are being tried on the allegation of negligence, has been held.

Eighty-five defendants are being tried, six of them were arrested, reports. Apart from Ali Fuat Yilmazer, the then Police Intelligence Bureau Director, all arrested defendants have requested release.

The court has ruled that defendants Hamza Celepoghlu, Intelligence Assessment and Analysis Center Adjutant of the Gendarmerie General Command, Yavuz Karakaya, a non-commissioned officer at the Istanbul Gendarmerie Intelligence Bureau, shall be released.

As a justification for the verdicts of release pronounce by the court have been cited the period when the defendants were arrested, and the fact that they were not arrested on another charge.

The requests for release raised by the order arrested defendants have been dismissed on the grounds that witness statements have not yet been completed and the gravity of the offenses, for which they were arrested.

One of the attorneys of Dink family, Hakan Bakiroglu, previously requested that the then Head of Istanbul Department of the National Intelligence Organization of Turkey (MIT) Ahmet Koksoy shall be heard at the court. The court board rejected the request of the attorney.

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