Nikol Pashinyan’s Party Wins Highest Votes – 70.44%

My Step Alliance, Prosperous Armenia, Bright Armenia to Enter Parliament

The Central Electoral Commission published the preliminary results of the snap parliamentary elections in a snap session. According to these results, 1,262,164 people voted in the elections. This makes up 48.67 percent of eligible voters, 4,675 voting ballots were invalid.

The election went very smooth, legal and according to the rules and regulations. As it was anticipated, the leader of the Velvet Revolution leader’s Party was expected to win and it received the highest percentage of the votes – 70.44%.

The former ruling Republican Party received only 4.7%.

President of the CEC Tigran Mukuchyan presented the results:

70.44 percent were in favor of My Step Alliance
8.27 percent were in favor of Prosperous Armenia.
6.37 percent were in favor of the Bright Armenia Party.
4.7 percent voters voted in favor of the RPA.
3.89 percent voted in favor of the ARF.
1.82 percent were in favor of Sasna Tsrer.
0.99 percent were in favor of the Rule of Law party.
0.68 percent voted in favor of Citizen’s Decision.
0.51 percent for the Christian-Democratic Renaissance Party.
0.33 percent were for the National Progress Party.
2 percent were in favor of the Menk (Us) alliance.

The overall number of registered voters were 2,91,276 people. the overall number of voters in additional voter list created by voting stations was 131, and 504 voters participated electronically.

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