Tanzanian Businessman to Invest $11.5 Million in Crocodile Farm in Armenia’s Ararat Province

A Crocodile farm that will be set up in the Dashtavan community of the Armenian province of Ararat will serve also as a recreation area, the provincial governor Garik Sargsyan said. In his words, the farm will also treat crocodile meat to all those who would like to taste what he called “exotic meat”. He said the investor has already acquired the land plot and is doing now gardening work and planting trees. The active phase of the construction is supposed to begin in spring. According to the governor, crocodiles will be bred in incubators, but it is not known yet when the first “local” crocodile will hatch. “The area where crocodiles will be bred will be framed in the form of a park where everyone will be able to stroll with the family, and the children will be able to see crocodiles. There will also be fast-food outlets, restaurants and attractions,” according to the governor.

The initiative to breed crocodiles in Armenia belongs to an entrepreneur from Tanzania who carries out similar projects in other countries. The governor said the first year investments will amount to $1.5 million. Another $10 million are to be invested in the next five years.

Some 100 Nile crocodile eggs will be imported; in the future their number is to increase to 1000. The bulk of the meat will be exported to East Asia, and the leather to Europe.

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