Russia Accuses U.S of Trying to Drive Wedge in Relations With Armenia

Russia has chided the United States, alleging Washington is trying to drive a wedge between Moscow and Yerevan. Russia’s Foreign Ministry said on October 29 that it took issue with U.S national security adviser John Bolton’s comments during a visit to Yerevan the previous week that the Kremlin says were a thinly veiled call for Armenia to break with its traditional ally.

Bolton “demanded openly that Armenia renounce historical patterns [sic] in its international relations and hardly bothered to conceal the fact that this implied Armenia’s traditional friendship with Russia,” the ministry said.

“Naturally, he did not forget to advertise U.S weapons that Armenia should buy instead of Russian weapons,” it added.

Armenia has long had close ties with Russia, but questions about relations between the two have risen since Nikol Pashinyan led a bloodless revolution to oust Prime Ministers Serzh Sarkissian, seen as close to Moscow.

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