Justin Trudeau Sees Great Potential of Investments from Canadian Businesses

A great potential of investments exists in Armenia that are of interest for Canadian companies and Canadian-Armenians, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said at a joint press conference with Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan on Saturday October 13th, in Yerevan.

“Developed economic and business relations exist between Armenia and Canada. We discussed several sectors where we can deepen these relations,” he said. Trudeau said that Pashinyan knows that a solid economy required the people’s trust. “He [Nikol Pashinyan] understands that having the people’s trust is a significant and central core for building solid economy. Nikol spoke about the fact that citizens must be given the chance for free expression of will,” he said.

The Armenian PM, in turn, said that it is important to note what changes have taken place in Armenia. “From the very first moment of our conversation Justin expressed readiness to support boosting Canadian investments. Yesterday Canadian businessmen were also participating at our state dinner, who intend to expand volumes of their investments. I asked for the ongoing processes in Armenia to be more accurately conveyed to the business environment of Canada,” Pashinyan said. “We want to create an environment where economic activities aren’t connected with the whim of this or that official. The main change that took place in Armenia is the following – that the prime minister is representing and will always represent the people. Generally all Armenians [globally] were actively represented in these political changes. We received active support from also the Armenians of Canada. There is no Armenian community which hasn’t supported the velvet revolution,” the PM said.

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