Improvements Are Taking Place in Armenia, Slowly, but Surely

The Velvet Revolution in Armenia definitely brought changes and improvements tot he country and the people’s everyday life, thanks to Nikol Pashinyan’s courageous leadership.

Naturally, improvements cannot take place overnight. It will take some time, and the changes have started to take place in an amazing manner. Everyday we become aware of someone being arrested from the old regime or people who have worked with the former leaders who have embezzled millions of dollars from the government, from contracts, from foreign services, and so on. Again it takes time to investigate and prove misdeeds, because many documents are not available, they are either stolen, burnt and destroyed, and it will take some time to provide proofs.

Nevertheless, the Pashinyan government is working very hard to provide changes as much as possible and the people are aware of it.

Some items are worth publishing to show as to what is going on.

Criminal investigations of corruption this year is more than double the number of last year and about 75% resulted in criminal cases.

The Armenian State Revenue Committee has received $1.8 billion over a period between January and August 2018 as taxes. Several big companies have been charged with tax evasions and have been announced — Spayka Freight, Catherine Group (1.24 million) to mention a couple.

Armenia and Georgia will increase their bilateral trade to $1 billion, Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said. Armenia’s trade turnover with Georgia in 2017 grew by 1.5% from the previous year to $248.9 million.

The government announced that it will increase pensions of 80,000 citizens, not very much but still, it is an increase.

Payments to medical institutions assisting with childbirth will increase; Obstetrics in Armenia is free.

Affordable Housing for young families will be amended and the age threshold will increase by five years to 70 instead of 65.

Just a few items in social life and it seems very little, nevertheless it is a change, it is an improvement.

Similarly, issues in business, economics, politics, international relations are improving, slowly, but there are improvements going on.

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