Putin-Pashinyan Meeting: There Are No Problems in Our Relations in Any Direction

Russia President Vladimir Putin and Armenia’s Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan met at the Kremlin Saturday September 8th. Key issues of the development of the allied Armenian-Russian relations, as well s cooperation on the Eurasian space, including within the framework of the Eurasia Economic Union and the CSTO were discussed. President Putin stressed the special nature pf the Armenian-Russian relations. “Today the relations between Armenia and Russia are steadily developing in all directions. This refers to the field of political relations, military cooperation, security issues, economic cooperation,” Putin said. He noted that “Russia confidently ranks first among the economic partners of the Republic of Armenia. We are the largest investor in the Armenian economy, and here we can affirm that in this respect our relations are rather diversified. This refers to energy, particularly hydrocarbon energy, as well as gas supply,” he said, reminding that Gazprom sells gas to Armenia at the lowest prices – $150 per 100 cubic meters. It is particularly gratifying that the trade turnover grew by almost 30 percent last year, and the growth has made 22.2 percent in the first half of he current year.

PM Nikol Pashinyan said, in turn, he is glad for the third meeting over the past four months. “I think such regularity stresses the special character of relations between our countries,” he said. “I want to stress that despite some pessimism existing in the Armenian and Russian press and social media, our relations are developing very dynamically, very naturally, and I think that the main task is to unfold the whole potential of our relations,” he stated. “It doesn’t mean that there are no questions in our relations, because that would mean there are no relations at all. I can confirm that there are unsolvable questions in our relations,” he added. “I’m confident that these questions will be solved and we will rely on mutual respect for our allied relations, the interests of our countries, respect for the sovereignty of our countries and principle of non-interference in each other’s affairs,” Pashinyan said. “We really have brilliant relations, but I don’t think we should stop here. We have particularly bug potential both in political and economic relations, as well as in military-technical cooperation,” the Armenian Prime Minister stated. He noted that the parties are determined to reinforce relations not only in bilateral format, but also within the framework of the Eurasian Union and the collective Security Treaty Organization.

Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan says that Armenia and Russia have high level relations and expresses hope that this dynamic will continue.

Speaking to reporters, the Armenian PM emphasized that this doens’t mean that Armenia will not continue developing ties with its other partners. “We are conducting a rather broad policy. I am planning to depart to the French capital next week on a working visit where I will have a meeting with President Macron. Next week, I am planning to receive the Prime Minister of Georgia, recently the Chancellor of Germany visited Armenia. I am planning to participate in the US General Assembly’s works,” Pashinyan said.

He said that obviously these relations will not develop one at the expense of the other. “Moreover, our relations in any direction cannot develop at the expense of our relations with Russia. I believe that it is obvious for all of us that something like that cannot happen,” he said.

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