Thousands in Armenia Celebrate the First 100 Days of the New Government

Unbelievable number of people, thousands and thousands, gathered at Republic Square in Yerevan, Armenia, on Friday August 17, to celebrate the 100th day of the Velvet Revolution led by Nikol Pashinyan. Almost everyone in the crowd carried signs and banners in support of the new government saying “We are with you”, and others.

Pashinyan, who was elected Prime Minister, delivered a comprehensive speech dealing with the changes and improvements in Armenia since his elections. His speech several times deferred to the people as the ones who lead the country. He said “In Armenia, there is no coalition government. In Armenia, there is no parliamentary majority. The ultimate power in Armenia belongs to the people. This is the key meaning of the revolution that took place in Armenia.”

Pashinyan’s speech lasted more than an hour and the people kept applauding and shouting words in support of the government. Pashinyan dwelt on several issues related to Armenia — International politics, rule of law, punishment to the corrupt people, Karabakh, economic advancement, cultural life, entering a new stage, the government for the people, and other topics.

Against the predication following the revolution, Armenia’s economy is developing and high economic indexes are recorded, PM Pashinyan said during the rally at Republic Square. “Experts believed that Armenia would enter a phase of economic decline. They predicted that at the beginning there would be decline, but of the revolutionary Government succeeded there could be rise and activation. Our revolution is exception also for the reason that economic decline did not follow the revolution, and the contrary, rather high economic have been recorded. In June, which was the first post-revolutionary month, 9.6% rise of economic activation, was recorded, while the number of 8.5% for the first half of the year. There are all the reasons to expect that economic indexes will continue to rise in Armenia,” the PM said.

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