Democracy Being Implemented Because of Nikol Pashinyan

Since the Velvet Revolution and Nikol Pashinyan’s election as Prime Minister, many positive charges took place and are taking place continuously. After the protests, the former Prime Minister Serzh Sargsyan resigned in April of this year, saving Armenia from a bigger catastrophe. Most of the people in Armenia are very happy, except former government officials and some oligarchs. It really was unexpected that a positive change could take place and the process is still going on, giving hope to the population who suffered for year because of absence of justice, anarchy, and illegal activities by the governments and people in charge.

Time Magazine’s July 23, 2018 issue featured Nikol Pashinyan as one of four activists who prove that the fight for democracy endures. And Pashinyan has said: “All I wanted to was to win freedom and happiness for my homeland and people.”

The demonstrators were mostly young people, and they took a great risk, but thank heavens, they succedeed and Armenia is on the way towards democracy.

People expect quick results. It’s going to take time, when the people who worked for the government are still working and since they have been used to the former system, they cannot change overnight.

“However, many unexpected changes are taking place. Every day a new criminal who has betrayed his people and country, is arrested. Every day a former leader is trying to escape from the country and is caught, Every day someone is resigning from his post.

Former President Robert Kocharyan’s recent arrest was little surprising, but it does show that the government is trying to bring justice and equality to Armenia. Naturally, others were arrested as well – General Manvel Grigoryan, Artur Asatryan, Yuri Khachaturov, Mikael Harutunyan, and many more. Some have paid bail and are temporarily free.

The Pashinyan government is collecting unpaid taxes almost every week – $600,000 from one company, $1.247 million from a fruit company, and so on.

After studying the work situation in Armenia, Pashinyan gave raises to medical staff and physicians, although not much, but nevertheless it is starting.

Recently, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Culture, and Minister of Diaspora visited the United States and met with people everywhere, including California, and we heard live from these officials about the programs proposed by the government.

We are happy that there is hope for the future of Armenia. Let’s hope for his efforts, someday Pashinyan is awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

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