PM Pashinyan Says He is not Surprised that Every Day and Every Hour There is a Corruption Revelation

While investigations are going on, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said: that during the past few weeks, last days, every hour, every hour, every minute, he does not cease to be surprised by new facts about corruption. “I think that I will stay in this state for at least four more months,” he said.

According to the prime minister, every time at the beginning he refused to believe in the information received, until the entire evidence base was laid out. “That day, I stopped one of the heads of the state department, asking him not to continue, because he began to fear for his psychological state, and he took out photos, videos, proofs.” It is impossible to imagine the scale of the arrogance of some citizens,” he stressed.

At the same time, as the prime minister noted, some citizens intensified their criticism of the new government. They say that some offenders are punished and some escape law enforcement. Meanwhile, as Pashinyan said, no is punishable selectively. All searches and detentions are carried out on the basis of operational information and concrete signals of citizens. “By virtue of my position, I am now aware of such facts, that sometimes I’m not even sure that the public is able to digest such a large amount of information, and I do not know to what point we have the right to disclose the truth so that the citizens of the country do not come to a state of full disappointment”, he pointed out.

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