Yerevan Mayor Taron Margaryan Resigned

There were rumors that the Mayor of Yerevan wanted to resign and on Monday, July 9th, Mayor Taron Margaryan resigned. During the past week, protests were being held outside of Yerevan City Hall demanding Mayor Taron Margaryan resignation. Taron Margaryan was serving as Mayor of Yerevan since 2011.

The snap elections of the Mayor are being held within a timeframe set by the City Council, but no later than within a month.

During the snap elections, the right to nominate candidates for the Mayor belongs to the City Council’s factions.

The City Council members are voting at the snap elections. Each member of the Council has a right to one vote. If one candidate is nominated, he/she is elected Mayor if the number of votes in favor is more than the number of votes against.

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