Ergogan Re-elected President

Markar Esayan and Garo Paylan Re-elected Parliament Members

ISTANBUL — Two Turkish-Armenian Members of Parliament have been re-elected to Turkey’s parliament in the June 24 general elections.

Garo Paylan from Diyarbakir (HDP) and Markar Esayan from Istanbul (AKP) have been re-elected to the 600 seat parliament of Turkey. The numbers of seats has been increased from 550 to 600 following the constitutional referendum. Garo Paylan is known for his struggle for achieving the recognition of the Armenian Genocide by Turkey itself. He even introduced a motion in the parliament to acknowledge the 1915, but understandably it was denied as the country’s leadership is vehemently denying the historical the historical fact. Paylan is also known for his active engagement in the affairs of the local Armenian community of Istanbul, most notably in the Armenian Patriarchate matters.

He was even sanctioned for speaking about the Armenian Genocide from the Parliament floor. But unlike Paylan, the other Turkish-Armenian parliamentarian, Markar Esayan, is staunch supporter of the country’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and of the AKP. Two other ethnic Armenian candidates for parliament — Ludmilla Buyum from the HDP and Elmas Giragos from the IYI party — have failed to be elected.

Erdogan Re-elected

Turkey’s incumbent President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has been re-elected has been re-elected, as 99% of ballots have been counted so far in the general elections, Turkey held both presidential and parliamentary election June 24.

After this election, Erdogan will have a lot more powers as the constitution has beefed-up the president’s authorities. These include: Directly appointing top public officials, including ministers and vice-presidents, the power to intervene in the country’s legal system, the power to impose a state of emergency.

In addition to those changes, the job of prime minister will be scrapped.

Congratulations were by many political leaders from around the world. In Turkey, congratulations came from Archbishop Aram Ateshian, the patriarchal vicar of the Armenian Patriarchate of Istanbul, Archbishop Levon Zekiyan, Primate of the Armenian Catholic Community of Istanbul. Bedros Sirioglu – chairman of the board of trustees of the Holy Savior Armenian Hospital of Istanbul.

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