Thank You Nikol Pashinyan

The change of government in Armenia was inevitable and coming, as the opposition was gaining momentum during the past few years. The volcano had to erupt one day, and finally it did erupt, with unbelievable massive demonstrations during the past few weeks, by the people and particularly by the young generation.

Led by Nikol Pashinyan, a member of the Yelk Political Party and a Parliamentarian, fortunately the demonstrations were very peaceful, with over 250,000 people demonstrating in the street of Yerevan, and other cities, like Gyumri, Vanadzor.

In fact, the demonstrations were peaceful and particularly meaningful, that even during the last few days, many soldiers joined the mass rallies.

Pashinyan’s fiery speeches were very logical and provided practical solutions to the undeniable catastrophic conditions in Armenia. Many non-Armenian newspapers from China to Kuwait, from Europe, Lebanon, to Canada and the United States attracted the attention of leaders. Some editorials suggested to follow Armenia’s example if people want to make changes in their governments. I have even talked to past President Serzh Sargsyan when he asked my views on Armenia, and I suggested a few improvements, but to no avail.

We should congratulate hero Nikol Pashinyan for his audacity, bravery and commitment to change and hopefully improve the catastrophic situation in Armenia. Many world organizations have already announced their intention to continue their assistance to Armenia in various spheres and have suggested ways and means.

Naturally, the change will not take place overnight. It will take some time, because the problems are so, so many.

The most important issue for Armenia is the establishment of a middle class infrastructure which Armenia and other countries do not have. Of course, to do that there are several issues to be improved from their roots.

I have pointed them out a few times as others have done too. — Lack of justice and lack of punishment for those who break the laws. And because of this there is no improvement in the economic, political, social spheres for the average person, and also there is not hope for the future. To improve your life, the standard saying in Armenia has been for years that you should have in-laws, relatives and friends in the government. What a shameful mentality, which is based, unfortunately, on facts, and I can enumerate some…

Lack of transparency in the government. Lack of freedom of the press. Free and fair elections. Removal of oligarchs from government authority. Public service corruption, and in general corruption in many services. Lack of powerful armed forces. Equal opportunity for all.

If we want democracy in Armenia, we should improve these and other issues. It sure will take some time.

I have the feeling that if they let Pashinyan work for the benefit of Armenia, he will succeed.

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