Israeli Minister Gilad Erdan Calls for Recognition of the Armenian Genocide

Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan has slammed Turkish President Erdogan, calling him “an anti-Semite,” and has urged to recognize the Armenian Genocide, the Jerusalem Post reported.

Speaking on Army Radio, Erdan said that “it’s possible Israel should have acted against Turkey in the international arena and recognized the Armenian Genocide committed by the Ottoman Empire.”

Erdan further said that he believes Israel should “present the values held by the Turks around the world, including recognition of the slaughter of the Armenians. We must stand up to the hostility and anti-semitism of Erdogan. A strange thing is taking place here where a country like Turkey, which butchers the Kurds [and] occupies north Cyprus is accepted in the west as a legitimate state.”

Erdan’s comments follow a verbal exchange of fire Sunday, when Erdogan called Israel a terrorist state and occupier,” and Netanyahu a “terrorist.”

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