Aliyev May Claim Washington D.C

Azerbaijan’s President Ilham Aliyev made a statement at the VI Congress of the Ruling Azerbaijan Party on February 8, 2018, ridiculing himself and upsetting many, many government leaders around the world, as well as the new generation in Azerbaijan. During his political party’s meeting he said: “Yerevan is our historical land, and we Azerbaijanis, should return to these lands.” As if that was not enough, he also mentioned that “Yerevan, Zangezur and Sevan are Azerbaijan’s ‘historic lands’”.

There were reactions from many, many countries around the world, some ridiculing him, including new generation Azeris, blaming him for not being able to settle the Karabach issue, finding silly reasons and evading the problem. It is a historic fact that Karabakh voted legally to become an independent state.

Naturally, the United States’ State Department reacted and issued restrained reactions saying that the parties should refrain from inflammatory statements and provocative actions. That’s not enough U.S! Similarly, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Sakharov said on February 15, that the statement did not clearly contribute to reducing tension. France, similarly said: “Refrain from any further provocative action that can only increase tensions.”

Of course these statements are not enough and the are politically motivated.

Did any ask if Aliyev has ever read anywhere that Yerevan belonged to Azerbaijan? 100 years ago, there was no Azerbaijan. As a country, it appeared 100 years ago in history. Where was it before? After 1917, following the Russian Communist Revolution, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, and other territories were created. Armenia had lost close to 90% of its territory. History is written and history is available.

International government officials are cautious and instead of saying Aliyev go learn some history, they his statements “provocative.”

President Donald Trump should be very careful. Aliyev can say that Washington, D.C was the capital of….Azerbaijan,

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