William Saroyan House-Museum to Open August 31st on the 110th Birthday

On August 31st, William Saroyan’s Museum in Fresno will officially open, announced the Renaissance Cultural and Intellectual Foundation, which implements the Saroyan House Project.

The Project coordinator Avag Simonyan co-founder of Storaket Architectural Studio Merujan Minassian and Saroyan House Board member Barlow Der Mugrdechian met with Mayor of Fresno Lee Brand and introduced the project. The Mayor welcomed the idea and expressed willingness to support the Project.

The parties have agreed that the museum, which will tell about known and unknown episodes from William Saroyan’s life, is to become one of the cultural and educational centers of Fresno. Moreover, the guests will have the opportunity to “meet” William Saroyan “personally” via a hologram.

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