Armenian-American Jeffrey Harrigian Heads US Air Forces Central Command

As the air component commander for U.S Central Command, the general is responsible for developing contingency plans and conducting air operations in a 20 nation area of responsibility, covering Central and Southwest Asia.

President and CEO of Dover International Speedway and the Executive Vice-President and Chief Operating Officer of Dover Motorsports Michael Tatoian told about the Armenian roots of the high-ranking military officials.

In an interview with “Armenia Proud”, Tatosian said that he is part of the U.S Air Force program, within the framework of which they establish rites with civil society. He noted that they had a briefing with Jeffrey Harrigian. Tatoian noted that after the briefing, he approached Harrigian and said that he was also Armenian. “Immediately, there was a handshake. We started talking about our ancestors, our food our families. He looked Armenian, too”, Tatoian said.

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