Thank You Armenian Bar Association for Reacting to Noah’s Insulting Remarks

A few weeks ago, on January 8,2018, Trevor Noah insulted the Armenians during the television program “The Daily Show” by calling the Armenians “filthy Armenians”. He was criticizing US President Donald Trump for writing on Twitter the following. “Actually, throughout my life, my two greatest assets have been mental stability and being like, really smart, not smart but genius and a very stable genius.” Fine, criticize the President or anyone you want. But don’t insult others at the same time. Trevor Noah said: “This is like really funny. Only Donald Trump could defend himself and in the same sentence completely undermine his whole point. It would be like someone saying ‘I am the most tolerant guy out there, just ask any filthy Armenian.’ said Noah.

Wow. He did not have to say the last part of his sentence and it would have been okay. I cannot answer because I am a clean Armenian like ALL Armenians and…nobody asked me and nobody will ask…

But, the Azeris, taking advantage of Noah’s untrue, impolite, erroneous, shameful and insulting remarks by Noah wrote three days later that Mr. Noah has “expressed one more time the real face of Armenians.”

Fortunately, the Armenian Bar Association was alert, immediately reacted in a polite manner and wrote two letters to the vice president of communications at comedy Central and asked for a meeting with the producers, staff writers, and Mr. Noah. Unfortunately, it has been three weeks and according to the Armenian Bar Association no answer has been received yet and the association will continue a feasible follow-up. We express our thanks to the association for being alert and responsive. Thank you.

The Daily Show should have apologized by now, yet there has been no response or apology on television. The Armenian community will continue to correct the statement and we hope that Comedy Central would apologize and announce that it has retracted the “Filthy Armenians” comment.

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