Historian Taner Akcam’s New Book Includes ‘Smoking Gun’ of Armenian Genocide

By Siranush Ghazanchyan

In his groundbreaking new book “Killing Orders: Talat Pasha’s Telegrams and the Armenian Genocide,” due out March 2018, Clark University historian Taner Akcam destroys the Turkish government’s denial strategy, according to an article by Angele Bazydio, the Clark University posted on their website.

Akcam includes a recently recovered document—a “smoking gun”—that points to the Ottoman government’s central role in planning the elimination of its Armenian population. Furthermore, he successfully demonstrates that the killing orders signed by Ottoman Interior Minister Talat Pasha, which the Turkish government has long discredited, are authentic.

Akcam, described as “the Sherlock Holmes of Armenian Genocide” in a New York Times article in April 2017, made these landmark discoveries in a private archive. He argues that the documents he uncovered from the denialist edifice and definitely prove the historicity of the Armenian Genocide.

“Successive Turkish governments have gone to great lengths to ensure that evidence of the intent to extinguish the Armenian people could not be located,” Akcam says, “These findings are ‘an earthquake’ in the field of genocide studies’. They will make it impossible for the Turkish government to continue to deny the Armenian Genocide.”

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