Armen Sargsyan Named as RPA Candidate for the Fourth President of Armenia

Former Prime Minister of Armenia, Ambassador to the United Kingdom, Armen Sargsyan was named the ruling Republican Party’s (RPA) candidate for Armenia’s next president. As the press department at the President’s Office reported, President Serzh Sargsyan held last Friday, a meeting with Armen Sargsyan, informing him about the Board decision to nominate his candidacy for the presidency.

The President noted that the fourth President should be elected amid a broad parliamentary agreement which is why recommending candidate Sargsyan to hold meetings not only with RPA coalition Partner ARF Dashnaktsutyun but other political forces represented in the parliament.

Armen Sargsyan thanked the President for the honor to nominate him as a candidate for President and agreed to hold meetings with political forces as well as discussions with representatives of broad strata of the society before making his final decision.

Armenia will transfer to the parliamentary system of government in April, according to the new constitution adopted in referendum held in 2015. According to the new constitution the president with mostly ceremonial role is going to be elected for 7 years by the National Assembly, and that person cannot be elected for more than one consecutive term. It is expected, that the National Assembly where RPA holds majority will elect the fourth president by March 9th.

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