Armenian FM Says Armenia’s 2028 Spring Will Being Without Armenian-Turkish Protocols

The stance taken by Armenia on normalization of relations with Turkey remains unchanged, Tigran Balayan, the Armenian Foreign Ministry spokesman, told Novosti-Armenia. Edward Nalbandian, Armenian Foreign Minister speaking in Greece as part of his official visit, said that Armenia’s 2018 spring will begin without Armenian-Turkish protocols,since Ankara out forward groundless pre-conditions that contradict these protocols essence.

In response, Turkey’s foreign ministry issued a statement saying that Turkey remains stuck to the protocols and Armenia’s statement doesn’t reflect the reality and is aimed at deluding the international community. “On the last occasion we have voiced our attitude to Armenia-Turkey protocols during the speech of Edward Nalbandian in Athens two days earlier, and it remains in force,” Balayan said. “As for other issues. particularly Karabakh problem, Turkey has nothing to do in this process. The farther Turkey stays from this process, the better for itself.”

Relations between Armenia and Turkey remain tense because of Ankara’s biased stance on Karabakh problem and its painful reaction to Armenia’s efforts to obtain worldwide recognition of the fact of the Armenian Genocide.

In October 10, 2009, Armenia and Turkey signed “Protocol on the Establishment of Diplomatic Relations” and the “Protocol on the Development of Bilateral Relations” in Zurich, which were to be ratified by the parliaments of both countries. However, on April 22, 2010, the President of Armenia signed a decree suspending the ratification of the protocols, stating that Turkey was not ready to continue the process, since it became known that the protocols had been automatically removed from the Turkish Parliament agenda.

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