Michael and Karen Vardanyan Donate $1.7 Million to Improve Yerevan Living Conditions in Shahamiryan Region

In an unprecedented charity move, the owners of Grand Holding Michael and Karen Vardanyan have allocated $1.7 million to the residents of the emergency buildings of Shahamiryan Street to purchase new apartments.

The amount was distributed to families according to their occupied area. From now on, 148 people, 22 of whom are underage children, will now have the opportunity to live in new and bright apartments.

About a year ago, 58 families, who live in extreme difficult living conditions in 4th grade emergency buildings, applied to Vardanyan’s family, who own Grand Candy.

Vardanyan brothers assist Artsakh all the time. They also donated $125,000 to the 2017 Artsakh Telethon this year.

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