U.S Members of Congress Support Armenia Fund’s Telethon 2017 Fruitful Artsakh

U.S Congressman Adam Schiff offers his best wishes to Armenia Fund Telethon 2017: Fruitful Artsakh, which will be held on Thursday, November 23, starting at 10 am.

The 12 hour live telethon will be aired on several stations. Also, the 12 live webcast at www.armeniafund.org.

A longtime, leading voice for Armenian-Americans and a dear friend to Armenia and Artsakh, the Congressman urges the community to join the efforts of Armenia Fund in helping bolster the agricultural sector and creating new jobs. “Since its inception, the Armenia Fund has raised millions of dollars for more than a thousand infrastructure development and humanitarian relief projects in Armenia and Artsakh. This year’s telethon — Fruitful Artsakh — will immensely benefit the farmers in Artsakh. The proceeds will be vitally important for bringing irrigation to the farmers, installing drip irrigation system, which will pave the way for farmers to grow food, vegetables, and other high-profit crops, which will generate US $3000 in acre, a life changing and significant improvement,” he said in a video message on Facebook.

Another U.S official Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard highlighted the importance of Armenia Fund’s efforts to bring drip irrigation to Artsakh’s farmers. “Over $350 million has been raised through Armenia Fund telethons, which have funded over a thousand vital efforts for humanitarian relief, social infrastructure and community development projects in Armenia and Artsakh. Currently only seven percent of the 250 thousand acres available agricultural lands in Artsakh is being irrigated and meeting its potential,” she highlighted.

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