Armenian Assembly Statement Regarding Motion for New Trial in Armenian Genocide Museum Case

WASHINGTON –It has come to the Armenian Assembly’s attention that Mr. Gerard L. Cafesjian and the Honorable Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly who oversaw the trial late last year appear to have failed to disclose that they were familiar with each other. In addition, the parties failed to disclose that they made a joint gift to the Metropolitan Museum of Art of a unique piece of contemporary glass art.

Having recently discovered the existence of a previously undisclosed “mutual interest” and “beneficial relationship” between the trial judge and Mr. Cafesjian, attorneys for the Armenian Assembly last week filed a motion for a new trial on the basis that the Assembly did not receive an impartial trial. It is interesting to note that, out of all the judges of the District of Columbia’s federal court, the case was heard by this particular judge.

For the rest of this story please refer to the March 23rd printed edition of the Armenian Observer

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