AGBU Hye Geen’s 6th Pregnant Women’s Center Opened in Charentsavan, Armenia

AGBU Hye Geen Committee announced the 6th Pregnant Women’s Center opening in Charentsavan, Armenia.

The center is already operating thanks to the tireless efforts of Silva Kardjian, Nairie Balian, Lena Hartounian, Nina Krakirian, and Vera Manoukian. These women are exemplary supporters of AGBU Hye Geen and embody the core values of the committee.

Hye Geen Chair, Sona Yacoubian, shares: “Thank you ladies, I hope others will be encouraged and come forward to enlist in our efforts to encourage our sisters in the Homeland to have a safe and healthy pregnancy.”

The centers are the brainchild of the AGBU Hye Geen committee under the leadership of Mrs. Yacoubian and her very active and dedicated group of Armenian “Geens” (women).

The first center opened its doors in June of 2002. The 15 year anniversary was celebrated with great fanfare. The centers are run by professional managers, specialized physicians such as gynecologists and psychologists, and nurses who teach self hygiene, prenatal care, as well as, post natal care.

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