Do Azeris Buy Justice with Money?

Finally, news is revealing and spreading around the world as to how much the government of Azerbaijan is spending on lobbying to influence people. Azerbaijan has hired many lobbying firms in different countries by paying large sums of money to influence government officials, newscasters, journalists, and so on to cover up its crimes, corruption schemes and inhuman activities.

Money and money. Money talks. Money controls. You can buy politics and justice, unfortunately. But now that the secret information is revealed. Azerbaijan is gearing up to change the reality by spending large amounts of money to look good…I am not sure if it will work.

Here are a few unbelievable items.

On Friday, September 15, it was revealed that a former CNN news employee received $2.6 million from Azerbaijan to praise its government and not to talk or write about human rights violations, corruption, or anything negative. The task of the lobbyist is to bribe various politician and influential individuals to take positive stands and and vote in favor of Azerbaijan, when needed. The Danish newspaper Berlingske shared its findings with the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP), which disperse the revelation, after checking the veracity.

These are just a few cases and there are so many more.

Azerbaijan spends a lot of money in the U.S by hiring several lobbying firms to connect Azeris with high level and influential Americans to support Azerbaijan’s actions. These lobbyists try to give a different story about human rights violations, and against free speech. Recently, Radio Free Europe journalists and other media representatives were harassed and beaten. To give a “positive” picture, an American firm receives more than $70,000 a month for “defending” Azerbaijan by presenting a positive picture. There are other firms also hired by Azeris.

A few weeks ago, a Hungarian news agency made public that Azerbaijan had spent $3 billion for the extradition of Ramil Safarov who had murdered Gurgen Markarian in Hungary 2014.

The newspapers Danish Berlingske, Belgian Lalibre, the British Guardian, Transparency International and other media outlets and organizations revealed during the second week of September that Azerbaijan has “bought” many, many people to negate the corruption news about Azerbaijan and people will do that for money.

Denmark’s Danske Bank processed most of the payments.

Jean-Paul Moerman, a Belgian Constitutional Court judge, is also named as Azerbaijan lobbyist, according to the Belgian Lalibre newspaper reported.

The European Parliament called for a comprehensive and in-depth investigation following some of these revelations to influence also European politicians in favor of Azerbaijan.

Will there be punishment following the investigations? We have to wait and see if proper justice is done.

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