A Very Dangerous Situation for Armenia–Part Two

Emigration of exodus take place when someone wants to change the country he/she is living in and wants to move to a better place, simply stating. Anthropologists and sociologists have studied emigration and immigration patterns over the years and have come up with certain theories, rules and understandings.

Someone leaves their country for the following reasons, broadly speaking: religious oppression; political oppression; social oppression; lack of justice and economic advancement. Naturally, lack of justice advances corruption, cronyism, and crime. there are sub0reasons also — changing the climate, marriage, joining relatives, etc. but basically the five above mentioned reasons are the primary ones. Many times, for instance, obstruction of justice lead to social and economic dire conditions forcing individuals to move out.

Although there are inputs in Armenia — like the establishment of the American University, AGBU sponsored programs, ARS directed activities to improve social conditions, IT inputs from Armenian firms, churches, organizations, and so on, – but because the laws are not enforced (despite European Union and Human Rights organizations insistence) the population is unhappy and is looking outwards. It is unfortunate for Armenia if this situation continues and there doesn’t seem to be a light at the end of the tunnel.

The exodus of scientists, educators, physicians, has taken a very serious turn. Even government statistics indicate that “twice as many men as women seek to leave Armenia, most of them being between the ages of 30 to 50. (It is government figures! And what is the government doing?)

I know people do not like to hear negative, bad or sad news about our Hayastan. But it is out there and everyone knows about it. Without misunderstanding, I have to ask — how many people know that more than 50 Armenian diplomatic corps members have not returned to the homeland and are living in a different and a more comfortable country and they say: People have one life to live, and we want to live better conditions.

Every fifth Armenian lives in abject poverty — I am not saying it. It was mentioned in a letter addressed to the government written by an independent Parliamentarian Victor Dallakyan, who also stated that poverty has raised the rate of suicides and asked “what efforts is the government taking to reduce poverty and create jobs?” How can some people become millionaires in a decade and others go the opposite direction, and can’t even have decent nutrition or health service or education.

The government should really step up to the plate and get is act together with bold programs tailored to fit the needs of the ordinary people and improve their lives, providing medical assistance, education, nutrition, social life and all the amenities for a normal life.

The way to improve the situation is to eliminate as much as possible all the political oppression, establish freedom of speech, create democratic means, work towards,social injustice, eliminate corruption and so on. Everyone has the prescription, and this is nothing new.

Because, even if the government figures are deflated, when 75 to 80,000 people are emigrating Armenia, in a decade Armenia will lose a million people, since birth rates are down and death figures are up.

Don’t get me wrong. I love Armenia.

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