A Positive Step Forward?

There was an interesting news from Armenia last week, unfortunately a negative one, but nevertheless it is an important news and I hope it will not stop there.

A former bank executive had embezzled large amounts of money, and finally was caught. The court sentenced him to 13 years in prison and will have to pay compensation and court fees.

Money laundering exists in every country, including the United States, as well as Armenia, and many individuals and elected officials are taken to court and sentenced to prison.

In Armenia, this case made news, and hopefully the Ministry of Justice will continue similar investigations, if possible, it is hard to charge the culprits in Armenia because most of them have ties and connections with the ruling authorities. Also, the authorities should not interfere in the daily work and decisions of the Ministry of Justice, and we hope that the Justice Ministry will stay within the law and enforce the laws and not be influenced buy the authorities. It will take some time, and the social life will have to change. Of course, changes cannot happen overnight.

It is a little but surprising that this news was spread and, I don’t know why and how, this case went to court and the court took such an important and historic decision. Maybe this decision may serve as a sign to other people who have expensive homes, and, in reality, they cannot even buy cars with their salaries. Naturally, there are also people who have made their money legally through their businesses and proper investments.

Now if this bank executive’s case will serve as an example, many, many cases should go to court from the top to the bottom.

Is this a start? Maybe. And it is hard to make a judgement. At least, it is a positive step forward and I hope it will not stop here for the sake of a better Armenia.

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