Anything is Expected from Turkey

Last week, on July 21, Turkish Parliament Constitutional Committee passed a bill, which sounds childish or unbecoming of a supposedly democratic government. It is very obvious that the Turkish government is not democratic. A resolution was passed forbidding the use of the words “Kurdistan” or “Genocide” related to the Armenian genocide committed by the Ottoman government. During the debate, the Democratic People’s Party spoke against the issue and left the Parliament hall as sign of protest. But nothing changed.

Yet two far right political parties — Justice and Development Party (MHP) – spearheaded the incomprehensible proposal and they did not work very hard to pass it. However, there is a fine line, and that is…these words cannot be used in the Parliament during debates. Funny! How would they discuss the Kurdish issues in Turkey, when there are at least 15 million Kurds in Turkey, making it 13% of the population. How would they discuss Armenian issues, which have historical facts and documents.

From 1993 to 2009, five Kurdish political parties were banned — People’s Labor Party, Freedom and Democracy Party, People’s Democracy Party, and Democratic Society Party. The last report on the Kurdish population (ten years ago) stated that there are 10 million Kurds, which make 13% of the population. Recent international organizations say that Kurds make 18% of the Turkish population. The point is they do represent a large segment of the population and they are represented in the Parliament. There are famous Kurds who have contributed to Turkish culture.

Although the number of the Armenians is much less (if we do not count the Islamized Armenians), Armenians have contributed to the Turkish culture– the inventor of the modern Turkish Language Agop Dilachar (Martayan), the director of the Istanbul Opera is an Armenian, and so on.

Since Turkey has problems with the Kurds, issues with Armenians, how about other ethnic groups? —Greeks, Assyrians, Jews, and others.

Now that Germany an Turkey are not on good terms, will the word Germany also be forbidden? Who knows? How about other countries?

How can Western countries tolerate such happenings and how can they work and cooperate with such a nation which can change its mind overnight. Anything can happen and the Western “allies” can’t do anything. How can they work with a country, which can change its mind anytime and mess up everything?

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