Freeway Directions Signs for Pasadena Armenia Genocide Memorial Approved by the California Legislature

SACRAMENTO, CA — Authored by Senator Anthony J. Portantino, SCR 25 seeks to install freeway signs at the Fair Oaks Avenue exit off Interstate 210 for the Pasadena Armenian Genocide Memorial.

Passed by unanimous support of the State Assembly on July 13th, SCR 25 has now passed both houses of the legislature, paving the way for the placement of the freeway signs directing the public to the Genocide Memorial. Since resolutions do not require the Governor’s signature the Assembly action completed the last step of the legislative process.

“SCR 25 was one of the first pieces of legislation that I introduced as I joined the State Senate and I am very proud to see it approved by both houses so quickly. I would like to thank my colleagues for sympathizing with the purpose of this legislature and helping it move through the legislature with bipartisan support. I would also like to thank all of the Armenian organizations that supported the creation of the memorial and subsequently the resolution. I look forward to seeing these signs installed in Pasadena so that future generations can learn about the horrendous actions from 1915 at a place of peace and remembrance for descendants of the 1.5 million lost martyrs,” Portantino commented.

The Pasadena Armenian Genocide Memorial was unveiled on April 2015 in the northeast corner of Memorial Park in Pasadena to honor the martyrs of the Armenian Genocide. It was constructed by the nonprofit Pasadena Armenian Genocide Memorial Committee with unanimous support from the Pasadena City Council. Senator Portantino served on the board of the nonprofit prior to joining the State Senate. He was the only non-Armenian to have served on the board.

“We are very excited that SCR 25 has become law to highlight the memorial that so many Armenians and non-Armenians came together to support and build. Our board is very appreciative of the efforts of our friend Senator Portantino. Anthony served withe us on the board and continues to support this historical and cultural project,” concluded Robert Kalunian, Board Chair, Pasadena Armenian Genocide Memorial Committee.

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