Armenia Rejected Israeli Offer to Buy Armament

Israel once offered Armenia a plan to purchase armament from its military arsenal, but Yerevan for some reason turned down the deal, a former member of the Knesset said, expressing his country’s readiness for cooperation and dialogue.

“Armenia was really offered to buy Israeli weaponry. In response, however, a former member of defense said it was very expensive and not advantageous at all. The ball is now in Armenia’s court so to speak. And we are always open [for cooperation]; should you desire something, we can discuss the issue any time,” Alexander Zinker, told reporters in Yerevan.

He added that Israel now secures an annual revenue of US $5-$6 million from military industries (as one of the world’s top five weapon supplies).

Mr. Zinker also addressed the Russian-Azerbaijani weapons deal, “Russia, which is your strategic ally, provides Azerbaijani weapons deal. “Russia, which is your strategic ally, provides Azerbaijan with more armament I think,” he noted.

The former legislator also unveiled plans for several Israeli officials” visit to Armenia in the near future. “We are scheduling the visit of Tali Ploskov, the head of the Israeli-Armenian Parliamentary Friendship Group, and several other lawmakers, from 10 to 13 September. A number of businessmen who made investments in different projects in Armenia are also expected to arrive in the country. We are eager to find interested persons to consider specific projects,” he added.

Hakob Aslanyan

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