French Companies Show Increasing Interest in Armenia

French companies are showing increasing interest in Armenia, French ambassador to Armenia, Jean-Francois Charpentier told a news conference. According to Charpentier, Armenian-French relations needs to be upgraded.

“I have no doubt that the relations between our countries will remain as deep as they are. Our goal for today is to make them more dynamic and effective,” he said.

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Armenia and France. In this connection the ambassador noted that the sides failed to achieve the desired progress on three points over the quarter of a century.

First, in his words, bilateral relations are based on stereotypes and cliches, and therefore need to be updated.

Second, as Charpentier said, over the past 25 years the French language in Armenia has lost much of its ground. However, the next summit of the International Organization of Cooperation of French-speaking countries “Francophonic” will be held in Armenia in 2018, which, in his opinion, will be a good occasion to give a boost to learning the French language in the country.

The third failure are the developed trade relations between Armenia and France, Charpentier said. At the same time, the ambassador stressed that over the past 25 years many achievements were recorded, including four presidential visits to Armenia, the conduction of Year of Armenia in France in 2006, the establishment of the French University in Armenia and the French school.

In comments on France’s foreign policy after the election of a new president, the ambassador said it will not be subject to major changes and will continue along the traditional and natural path.

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