Russia, U.S Closely Cooperating on Karabakh Issue, says Hoagland

WASHINGTON — Russia and the United States are closely cooperating on the Karabakh issue despite the difference existing between the two countries, U.S Co-Chair of the OSCE Minks Group Richard Hoagland said in an interview with Voice of America.

“Sure, our national interests differ from those of Russia, because we have a different history of relations, different views in our approaches. However, having different interests does not mean we cannot work together on the issue,” he said.

According to the Ambassador, Moscow wants establishment of peace in the South Caucasus like Washington and Paris do. “For me it’s clear that Moscow does not want war in Nagorno-Karabakh, Moscow does not want war between Armenia and Azerbaijan. It will destabilize the whole region and harm Russia’s interests,” Hoagland said. According to him, even under the conditions of worst deterioration of Russian-American relations, all three Co-Chairs have close cooperated towards peaceful settlement of the Karabakh issue.

“This is a sphere where we can say the relations between Washington and Moscow have no negative impact,” he added. Hoagland said “the mediators are trying to resume full-scale negotiations between the parties.”

Hoagland believes the U.S must get more actively involved in the peace process. “I agree that we need to be a little more active, we are in the earliest stage of a new U.S Administration. This new Administration is still developing its foreign policy, approaches. Therefore, let’s be more patient and see how things are developing in the coming months,” Hoagland said.

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