Thank You City Hall, Thank You Committee

The Armenian Genocide Committee of Southern California deserves accolades for the well planned and executed events on the occasion of the 102nd commemoration of the Armenian Genocide.

Composed of 18 Armenian community organizations — religious, political, social, philanthropic, cultural, compatriotic and others –the committee had organized a commemoration at the Armenian Martyrs Monuments in Bicknel Park, Montebello, California, and the March for Justice starting from Pan Pacific Park to Wilshire Boulevard, in front of the Los Angeles Turkish Consulate, where a platform was placed was placed and where a program was held. (Thank you City Hall for reserving the area for the commemoration by blocking a very busy road and providing police to check law and order).

Thousands marched and attended the events — young and old–in respect of family members and friends, Armenians Martyrs, who were brutally killed by the order of Ottoman Empire leaders.

During the programs several American statesmen and stateswomen were invited to speak, like four Congressmen: Ed Royce, Adam Schiff, Congresswoman Linda Sanchez, Judy Chu.

California, which has a population close to 40 million (half of Turkey’s population), stood up and spoke at the Armenian Genocide commemoration.

California legislators — Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newson, Secretary of State Alex Padilla, State Treasurer John Chiang, State Senators tony Mendoza, Anthony Portantino, State Assemblypersons Cristina Garcia, Adrin Nazarian, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, LA City Councilmen Paul Krekorian, David Ryu, Paul Koretz, LAUSD President Steve Zimmer, Montebello City Councilman and former Mayor Jack Hadjinian, and others.

From Istanbul, Turkey, attorney Fethiye Cetin, whose grandmother is Armenian, from Sweden Assyrian Genocide Institute Director Sabri Atman, Artsakh Representative in Washington, D.C, Robert Avetisyan, Los Angeles Consul of Armenia, Amelia Shakarian and many others.

This enumeration may sound dull, but if you think who they are, what they represent in political life then you will be able to appreciate the work of the Committee for being able to bring together political elite, all of them asking for justice, recognition of the Armenian genocide by the Turkish government.

Thank you to all the participants who stand for justice.

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