Four Parties Elected to Parliament

As it was anticipated, the governing Republican Party received 53% of the votes on Sunday, during the Parliamentary elections.

The Tsarulyan bloc received 28%, securing 31 seats out of 101.

Yelk got 9% and the Armenian Revolutionary Federation 8%.

This seems the final results unless something happens, because there were many frauds, vote buying, and other pressures. However, generally speaking, many European observers feel it was better than before. “We have received the confidence and support of 400,000 voters and highly appreciate every vote that obliges us to do everything possible within our power to promote and develop the country. We remain committed to our principles, we remain open and honest to the people. we will do everything possible to solve the serious challenge facing our country,’ it said.

At the same time, the bloc emphasized that they would never suspend their active and direct contacts with the population and would not divide the people into those who voted “for” them and those who voted “against”.

“We have only one homeland, the improvement of which is our common task,” the statement said.

Five parties and four electoral blocs ram with at least 101 parliamentary seats up for grabs under a system of proportional representation. A party needs to clear a five percent threshold to be represented in parliament, while an electoral bloc –an entity made up of several parties–needs to garner at least seven percent of the vote. The voter turnout was 60.96%.

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