Armenian Civil Aviation Sends Cooperation Proposals to More than 40 Airline Companies

Sergey Avetisyan, the head of Armenia’s Civil Aviation Department, said that his agency has sent cooperation proposals to more than 40 airlines, mostly in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

Speaking to reporters, Avetisyan said the agency has received answers from 3-4 airlines, which said they plan to send their representatives to Armenia soon “to conduct more serious negotiations,” including on technical matters.

Avetisyan said the agency plans also a modernization of the system next year and introduction of an electronic procedure for awarding flight permissions. This will cut the list of required documents for operation of flights and simplify the procedure for issuing flight permits. All this is supposed to help avoid delays and increase the transparency of the sector, he said.

In October 2013, the Armenian government introduced the open sky policy “to ensure competitive conditions for air service providers in the Armenian market.” The policy is based on the results of a joint study by McKinsey and Company and the National Competitiveness Foundation of Armenia.

Since then, the Aegean Airways, Iraqi Airways, Georgian Airways, Czech and LOT began operating flights to Armenia. In June 2016, Russia’s Saratov Airlines and Ural Airlines started operating flights to Armenia. Pobeda, a Russian low cost airline, began operating flights to Armenia from Moscow. Russia’s Rosavation gave its permission to Ikar (PEGAS FLY brand) Nordwind Airlines and Izhavia to operate flights to Armenia.

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