Is Armenia Secure?

Certain information is available to many, but apparently very few look into. For instance, Armenia ranks among the first five countries – after Israel and Singapore — as the world’s most militarized country. This of course, in relation to the population number as well as the economy, according to a report by German Think Tank, the Bonn International Center for Conversion. Armenia actually has 18 soldiers and paramilitaries per 1000 inhabitants, while Azerbaijan has 9.

It sure is a significant number, however, whether our soldiers trained as well as others, it is hard to tell.

During the 25th anniversary celebration of Armenia’s independence, a very impressive military march took place in Yerevan, as many television stations reported. One of the most important items during the parade was the presence of Iskender missiles as they instilled pride and raised the emotions of the population, especially the younger population. Of course, Azerbaijan and Turkey have started to worry about the weapons Armenian has, particularly the Iskender missiles because they can reach 500 kilometers, and in this case, both countries fall in the sphere. The Duniabulletin, of the Turkish media, raised many issues about the Iskender missiles, even published a map stating that the missiles can reach the Anadoglu region. Naturally, it also mentioned that Russia provided those missiles and other countries, such as Bulgaria, Iran, Azerbaijan, also have them. It mentioned that “we should be aware of this situation.”

Despite the fact that Azerbaijan is concerned about it, however last year, Azerbaijan naturally outspent Armenia in defense by allocating $3.4 billion.

Another important accomplishment of Armenia is its production of drones. Yes, Armenia is producing drones,the unmanned aerial vehicles, and even will be selling them to European countries, like Denmark, according to the Director of the Union of Information Technology.

Karen Vardanyan has registered his company and will start producing drones, 10 drones monthly, Vardanyan said, the Armed forces of Armenia have used Krunk drones since 2011, they are also know UAV — Unmanned Aerial Vehicle.

The IT industry is thriving in Armenia as well as other businesses. We will cover these at a later date.

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