Turkey’s FM Dazed by the Armenian Delegates Question

During NATO parliamentary assembly sitting, Armenian delegates put Turkish FM Mevlut Cavusoglu in a ridiculous situation, who held Q & A with lawmakers after delivering a report.

During a briefing on November 25th in Parliament, head of the Armenian delegation to NATO, PA Koryun Nahapetyan said Cavusoglu spoke about frozen conflicts in his report, and mentioned the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict.

“Lawmakers got the chance to address questions to the Turkish foreign minister after his report. I started my question saying that Turkey continues to negatively impact the process of the Nagorno-Krabakh conflict settlement. Furthermore, I asked about Turkey’s relations with different terrorist groups. Then the Turkish FM answered my questions nervously and hysterically. Basically, without giving any clear answer to my question, he began counterattacking. He started accusing Armenians of being unfair and dishonest, and then commented on the Armenian Genocide, saying that Armenians are spreading lies throughout the world.”

The MP added at the moment he didn’t have the right to respond, however he responded to Cavuloglu during the next day’s defense committee session, when he had the right to address a question to the Chief of General Staff of the Turkish Armed Forces. “I clearly presented how many countries have recognized the Armenian Genocide, and I said that the issue needs no study, and there is no need of forming any committee”, Nahapetyan said. Nahapetyan underscored that Turkey’s FM was so perplexed after his question that he began speaking about what made him become a diplomat.

“ASALA was mentioned here, that actions were carried out by that organization which resulted in Turkish diplomats being victims. He recalled that his mother urged him not to become a diplomat, because he would suffer the same fate, and he, ignoring his mother’s calls, decide to become a diplomat. At that moment a difficult situation occurred in the session hall. Everyone realized what was going on. He was unable to give clear answers to our questions and claims and attempted to counterattack,” Nahapetyan said.

Nahapetyan also addressed a question to the Chief of the General Staff of the Turkish Armed Forces regarding Turkey’s actions in Syria and Iraq and their relations with terrorist group, which was followed by the latter’s hysterical response, saying as if the Armenian delegate is spreading disinformation, since there are no clear proofs that Turkey has ties with terrorist groups.

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