Ryzhkov Said Russia is Willing to Assist Armenia

According to the Russian Co-Chair of the Inter-Parliamentary Commission on Cooperation between the National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia and the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation Nikolao Ryahkov, Armenia faces a serious challenge to promote the economy.

Ryzhkov went on to emphasize that he was ready to support the Armenian partners in addressing various issues and problems.

The Russian delegation met with Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan on November 10 in Yerevan.

Greeting the guests, the Premier said to the greatly honored to welcome to the Office of Government Nikolai Ryzhkov, who has made a valuable contribution ti friendship between Armenia and Russian peoples. Highly appreciative of the Armenian-Russian allied relations, Karapetyan described then as more than sincere.

According to Karapetyan, Armenia and Russia have great potential to further expand and deepen cooperation in all areas, including the inter-parliamentary, inter-government and inter-regional platforms.

“We have a nice opportunity to make the Armenian-Russian relations exemplary. Friendship keeps being strengthened if it is effective, fair, and correct,” the Head of the Armenian Government pointed out. Thankful for a warm welcome, Nikolai Ryzhkov wished Karapetyan every success in the post of Prime Minister of Armenia.

Ryzhkov advised that Russia is interested in the furtherance of multi-faceted relationship with Armenia, adding that today’s session of the Parliamentary Commission discussed cooperation in tourism and culture among other issues.

The Russian Co-chair said Armenia faces a serious “challenge to promote the economy and said Russia is ready to assist.”

Touching upon cooperation in tourism, Karapetyan expressed the hope that a decision will soon be made to allow Russian citizens to travel to Armenia with their internal passports, which may stimulate tourism. In this context, the parties stressed the importance of the planned signing of an inter-regional cooperation arrangement between the governments of the Republic of Armenia and the Russian Federation.

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