New Armenian Government to Try to Lessen Corruption Risks, Says PM Karen Karapetian.

Karen Karapetyan, Armenian prime minister, speaking for a number of TV companies and asked about steps to taken to combat corruption in the country said: “I am confident that in the fight against corruption it is strictly necessary to maximally eliminated the environment that creates the possibility, because by establishing a third party to combat corruption, we cannot eliminated corruption, if the environment itself does not change. And to my mind, we wrote in detail what actions we are going to take in order to minimize the possibility of corruption in the tax and customs spheres as to the government’s decision, in the field of public procurements, in the field of foreign financing, as well as in terms of providing clear and equal conditions for businesses.”

Karapetyan said that Anticorruption Council, which has been set up by his predecessor, Hovik Abrahamyan, is an important structure, “because we need to state that the existing structures and the environment we have is far being ideal; therefore, a structure is to be created in a bid to consolidate, summarize, diagnose, and find specific decisions. We are now trying to involve the representatives of civil society so that the field is open. The members of the government, frankly speaking, are so busy in their daily duties or ought to be so, and may not get external signals. Here is the point.”

The Prime Minister said that he first objective of the government is not to create obstacles for businesses and active people. “First of all, we have state that we should change ourselves – our management methods, practice of making decisions, corporate powers and ministers’ responsibilities,” he said. “If we manage to put this right, we will be able to identify our economy’s problems. Is this enough to enable the country’s economy to demonstrate necessary economic growth? This is a different issue.

Now Karapetyan finds this is not enough. “We will play some stimulating role, will create some investment fund to take part in some projects jointly with businesses to spur the area, he said in his televised interview. The premier pointed out the necessity of establishing ties between the government and the society to form confidence.

This, first of all, depends on us – it is important what steps we will take, since the change of the country is not only the government’s problem, but also every citizen’s problem,” he said.

Stressing the importance of education in the country’s development Karapetyan said that to create favorable environment for development, it is necessary to provide proper education to you people.

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