$100,000 in Aid Released by Armenian Government for Syrian Armenians

Armenia will send more humanitarian aid to Syria, according to the government. Foreign Minister Edward Nalbandian said the government will release 46 million drams ($100,000) to this end from its reserve fund. The money will transferred to Hayastan all-Armenian fund, which will buy the goods for citizens of humanitarian aid.

A second plane with Armenian humanitarian aid left October 5th from Yerevan to Syria. The first plane carrying the aid landed at the Russian military’s Hmeimim base in northwestern Syria.

Armenia delivered the first batch of humanitarian assistance to civilians in Syria increasingly suffering from the country’s devastating civil war. The Armenian Foreign Ministry said a transport plane carrying the aid landed at the Russian military’s airbase in northwestern Syria early in the morning.

Prime Minister Had a Meeting on Syria

Armenian Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan held a consultation on support for Syrian Armenians, attended by the heads of the agencies concerned, the government press office reported. In particular, the meeting heard the report on the distribution of the humanitarian assistance sent to Syria on the instructions of the president of the country.

The meeting also reviewed those educational, healthcare and welfare programs implemented by the government of Armenia in support of Syrian Armenians over the past 5 years, as well as the possibilities for promoting business and integration oriented projects. The premier told the relevant authorities to continue in this direction in cooperation with ministries of foreign affairs and Diaspora.

The announcement came shortly after five ethnic Armenian residents of Aleppo were killed and 11 others wounded amid intensifying fighting in the war ravaged city between Syrian government forces and rebels. The Foreign Ministry in Yerevan condemned “the deplorable use of weaponry against the civilian population of Aleppo including of the Armenian districts.”

An estimated 80,000 ethnic Armenians live in Syria before the outbreak of the bloody conflict these five years ago. The mostly middle-class community was concentrated in Aleppo, the country’s formerly largest city.

Only several thousand Syrian Armenians are thought to remain in Aleppo now. Virtually all of them live on neighborhoods controlled by government troops. Many are apparently unable to flee the war zone or simply have nowhere to go.

Friday’s deaths, reportedly caused by opposition shelling, led to renewed calls for the Armenian government to help evacuate the remaining Aleppo Armenians. An Armenian Foreign Ministry spokesman said on Monday that the authorities are “not discussing” such a possibility yet.

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